About Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coverage / Team

About Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coverage

Specifically, the Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coverage (LARC) Programme aims to:

  • promote free, transparent and immediate access to knowledge about regional public policies regarding sustainable development and related work in the fields of water, sanitation, climate change, energy, natural resources, forestry, biodiversity, transport, human settlements and other key issues;
  • increase the transparency and visibility of LAC regional processes regarding sustainable development; and
  • strengthen institutional decision-making on sustainable development in the region.

IISD Reporting Services will provide accurate and authoritative conference reports and information dissemination services regarding a wide range of key regional meetings and processes.

For more information on LARC, please e-mail IISD-RS Latin America & Caribbean Regional Manager Alice Bisiaux, LL.M (alice@iisd.org).

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Generous funding has been provided by (IDRC)
International Development Research Centre

The Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coverage Team

Langston James "Kimo" Goree VI
Lynn Wagner, Ph.D.
Alice Bisiaux, LL.M
Keith Ripley
Diego Noguera
Angeles Estrada Vigil
Brad Vincelette
Melanie Ashton
Stefan Jungcurt, Ph.D.
Faye Leone
Tanya Rosen
Elsa Tsioumani, LL.M
Ana Maria Lebada
Catherine Benson
Delia Paul
Elena Kosolapova
Lauren Anderson
Leila Mead
Mari Luomi
Miguel Brito
Nathalie Risse, Ph.D.
Pamela S. Chasek
Virginia Wiseman
Wangu Mwangi